Best Exercises For Rugby

Regardless of the sport you involve yourself in, you will need to train in order to further progress. Rugby is no different and requires serious training off the field to make you a better player. For instance, you need strength because you will need the ability to generate the necessary force that allows you to dominate your opponent. You should also look to train your speed and agility due to the amount of running and movement that you do while playing rugby. Getting in the adequate amount of training will also help you offset the possibility of injury which can aid in your longevity of playing the sport. Below you will find a number of exercises that will help you with rugby.



Squats are a crucial movement and exercise that is universal for all sports. Squats help you build strength in the legs and hips. They are also very beneficial for core strength and help develop balance, coordination and even flexibility. It is vital to perform squats (along with any exercise) with proper form. Performing squats correctly will prevent injury and strengthen your knees and ankles to stay in correct alignment. There are different variations of squats, including front squats (which are really good for core strength), uneven squats, regular back squats, and overhead squats.


Plyometric Push-Up

This exercise is another great one that luckily does not require any equipment. The design of this workout is to develop the explosive power in your shoulders and your chest. To perform these, you will start by taking the usual push-up position where you are prone with your feet behind, your hands on the floor with straight arms and shoulder width apart and a straight back. Then, you will lower by bending your elbows until your nose is about on the floor and then push up by straightening your arms. However, for the plyometric aspect of the exercise, your upward movement needs to be powerful enough for you to take your hands off the floor and clap before your return to the floor. To increase the toughness of the movement, try adding in more claps.


Step Up With Knee Drive

Performing this movement will require a dumbbell in each hand, or you can opt to have a barbell across your shoulders. You will then stand in front of a bench and step up, with your left leg in front and as you straighten your leg, you will lift your right leg until the knee is at a ninety-degree angle. Then, step down to the starting position and repeat as you alternate your legs. This exercise is great to improve your hip drive and leg strength while also developing stability and speed.