Prem Hirubalan is an entrepreneur based in New York City. Since he was twelve years old, Prem has been a passionate rugby fan and player. Over the years the game has taught him many lessons that have helped Prem excel in his career. Plus, playing the game has introduced him to some of his best friends and given him many fond memories. Today Prem stays busy with entrepreneurial work in cryptocurrency and data science, so he doesn’t have as much time for rugby as he once did. Still, he tries his best to make time to watch rugby matches on TV and attend local rugby events.

Throughout elementary school, high school, and college Prem Hirubalan always played rugby. When he wasn’t playing the sport himself, he enjoyed following the Singapore national rugby union team. While attending Syracuse University, Prem served as the captain of the rugby team. This experience taught Prem a lot of lessons about leadership—lessons that have helped him excel in his career. Being on a sports team shares many aspects with being part of a team at work. While serving as a captain, Prem learned how to listen to each team member, consider their views, and make sure that everyone fit properly into the structure of the team.

Rugby is a very social sport. When Prem Hirubalan thinks about the aspects that separate rugby from other sports, the most important one that comes to mind is the brotherhood that rugby players share. Many rugby players would agree with Prem. People who are unfamiliar with the sport might think it’s dangerous. It shares many similarities with football—if football was played without pads. However, Prem is quick to point out that rugby strategy is very tactical and like chess in some ways. Plus, since players don’t wear pads safety is taken very seriously.

One of Prem Hirubalan’s most fond rugby memories is when Syracuse played Army. Most people expected Army to demolish Syracuse. However, Army ended up only winning by five points. Although Syracuse lost the game, Prem was proud of the performance that he and his teammates put on. Playing at historic West Point was another highlight of the trip.

At the moment rugby isn’t the first sport that comes to mind when one thinks of the most popular sports in the United States. However, Prem is confident that as more Americans learn about rugby, the sport will gain followers. Playing rugby is an especially great way to expose children to camaraderie, discipline, and teamwork. And despite the fact that rugby looks tough and violent, Prem is adamant that his rugby teammates and opponents were always some of the most standup people he had ever encountered.